Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nothing is more changing that Life itself.

It is so true that we are all in God's hand. We can and really should make plans if only in an outline form, but as they say nothing is written in cement.
But to tell you the truth illnesses are at times also useful to have people leave you in peace to READ! I had just that kind of month so I really did get some reading in. But I get mad with myself for being anxious to read two authors I have in mind and their books are not yet out.
One of those authors is Daniel Silva, the other is Charles Todd. I guess I should remember that I also felt that way about Lawrence Sanders back in the late 1970's and 1980's until he started to write the dumb series with all those horse racing terms with the Florida background. Then there was James Patterson who was good until now when he can't write without someone filling all his stories (I wonder if he still lives?). Anne Perry is another good author but her stories are better explained on film-or the BBC crime shows. I wonder if age has anything to do with the style we like, I guess age gets into all our life's activities, but now I am able to understand and keep all of Agatha Christies' characters in her stories straight! Maybe one day I'll be able to do a Rubik Cube or whatever it was called, I'm just lucky I can park the car with the tiers all facing forward!