Thursday, November 13, 2008

Month of the Souls

If we are really true, I guess all twelve months count as souls to be added to the list of our deceased. Last week we lost another good author and I think director too. Michael Crichton.
He wrote COMA-JURASSIC PARK- and a lot of other books that at some point dealt with the theme of science in our society and where men are taking it. He received his medical licence but writing took over. He is the author who made science easy to read and left me worried of what was possible with medicine and bioethics in the wrong hands. He was young in his early 60's;
young to me since I'm in my 50's. It is sad to see authors leave us since they are hard to come by. Just like George Simenon was for sociological police stories. I was so hooked on this books just after high school. He not only gave you the crime, the criminal but also the why, the real
deep down reason for the persons to take their last step to loosing their freedom forever.
Not like Sherlock Holmes (the character) who gave you the why and how without ever you, the reader knowing the details until Holmes let you know at the end in his apartments before he startes to play the violin or smoke his opium.
As readers we learn things from books some are neat and useful others aren't but we really are what we read. Reading fills in the gaps that are left behind in our lives. Reading adds spice to our lives and make life more interesting, so we too can be cops or criminals without leaving our armchair. So we say thank you to our GOD for giving us good authors and pray they live nice long healthy lives!