Saturday, April 21, 2012

Found Old Friends!

Time is like air you don't see it but we sure use it up continuously!  I saw that they had made a remake of the old 1960's or 1970's movie of THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, by John LeCarre'. I went to look to see if the library had a copy but found that all the public libraries had their copies of this book out, or in route to some other library on request. But in the search I did I saw a title I had not seen before from this author. The book was only available from a north side branch library so I placed my request. A week latter I picked up my book. It was surprisingly little book, for this author. The title is A MURDER OF QUALITY, with only 146 pages it was a quick read. But a very good one. LeCarre' wrote it early in his career and it is very good, quick and smart. So if you're able to get a copy it is worth the effort.

I then decided to take a look at my old favorite authors, I found a new book by Kate Wilhelm, she wrote a book titled DEATH OF AN ARTIST. The book was good, it did not belong to a series but a stand alone book I guess, but good none the less. Not at 'smart' as LeCarre' but  a good 'friendly' read.
I went to our downtown library and found a treasure trove of books from Lawrence Sanders, he wrote at the beginning of the 1980's a lot of good detective books based in New York and sort of gave you an idea of how life was for police then. Later on he must have moved to Florida and switch to a private investigator and everything changed for me (I didn't like those books). So it was just great to get 4 books of the 'old good' ones. I first read THE FOURTH DEADLY SIN ,I have also The SIXTH COMMANDMENT and then one written I think in 1991, The SEVENTH COMMANDMENT. I have read all of them and they are good.                                                                                                                                                       So for now I will just smile and wish you all a good spring and let your mind enjoy good literature in what ever discipline you enjoy.