Monday, October 20, 2008

Leaves are falling!

This year is flying past me. Is it just me or is getting old makes my days grow shorter and the hours seem to have less minuets than before? My worries are getting less but I consider that all those sayings that I've heard for years are finally kicking in; like LET GO-LET GOD or LEAVE IT AT GOD'S FEET or the prayer of saying constantly JESUS I TRUST IN YOU is finally producing fruit in my heart or have I placed a pair of rose colored glasses instead of my bi-focal ones?
Whatever the reason, I find that I start looking for interesting biographical books. I read lives of saints but ones like Loretta Young (if you know who she was?), saints or sinners a life that someone or the same person deems that it should be known to others, would seem worth the time to read it I suppose. With that I guess I give to understand that mine is very boring, and I guess it is very true only I have to add that I thank GOD that my life is a very blessed one.
I have a book I purchased a while ago on Alice Roosevelt, another on Dorothy L. Sayers and on
Edith Stein (who I think is now blessed in the Catholic Church). Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen are great to read at this time of year.
More men books come to mind like THE GRUNT PADRE and PRIEST BLOCK 25487.
Why is it that autumn is related to thinking more diligently on life and our way of almost crossing into another new year?
The good thing is that we have Christmas to buffer between thinking of souls and starting a new year. The Christ Child is there to help us cross over and start (like a child) into a new year full of promises and hopes.
As you see my thoughts are very sobering today and I'll sit down and write of bright and happy books on another day that is not cloudy like today. Poems and mysteries are so much more fun on days like today. Did Agatha Christie ever write an autobiography?