Sunday, August 31, 2008

History made mandatory!

Last day of another month! Time is the reason we stress out! Who needs messages and drugs all we need is extra hours to feel better!
Enough on personal life, what can be done to better the human race is a good thought.
Making history mandatory not just a little twice a week course can be an answer. Starting in the 5Th grade (when we as kids begin to feel we know it all). If we can teach the children (who God willing will become adults) that history will repeat itself unless we can do things differently. Bad history can be avoided. First have the books written with truth in every sentence. Next as the children grow older have them read books like CITIZEN SOLDIERS by Stephen Ambrose. Don't have them read too much before 1900 since we have had since then so many wars to cover. NIGHT by E. Wiesel, or PRIEST BLOCK25487 by Jean Bernard, just that one war (WWII) will serve to teach them how everyone suffered. Albert Spear's SPANDAU DIARIES or a woman's view like BERLIN DIARIES by Marie Vassiltchikov. Fiction to understand the stress on human nature like Nevil Shute's A TOWN CALL ALICE or ORDEAL. The list is endless, but if we see where we as a society went wrong then we can avoid repeating the same again and again. Voices in books are written by those who lived it we do we insist on committing the same errors?

Friday, August 1, 2008

This is a hot one!

Summer,where did July go to, if you see it let me know, I am short one full month. Life is making a time-traveler out of me, but I don't go anywhere, I just stand still and loose days and weeks in a flash.As I came to finally sit down and think that the days are getting really hot all over our country, my mind went to good books I've read dealing with sunny days and heart warming stories.Three came quickly to mind. The first is HOTEL PASTIS by Peter Mayle, who wrote A YEAR IN PROVANCE; this one has a little mystery but it does have a lot of French country life in it.But the ambiance is truly French.
EXTRA VIRGIN, is yes about olives and their oil. This is a nice simple story of two London friends (at least I think they're British), who end up buying an old but could be made profitable house and land. It is in a little village called San Pietro, in the area of Liguria in Italy.The author is Anne Hawes.
The last book is UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN by Frances Mayes. No the book is nothing like the movie that came out come years ago. The book though is about a couple who give up the 'rat race' and become part of a small community in the Tuscany part of Italy. This book truly reminded me the most of the 12 years I spent in my home town in Mexico, as a mother of two soon to be teenagers.
We are all "travelers" in this world and these books just focus on things that could happen when we try to fit into other cultures, you see things from another prospective.