Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I just had to take time to see when was it that I actually wrote instead of thinking of this little blog, and I was shocked that it has been this long. I started to wonder if real time has black holes, like they say that exist in the milky way galaxy or just out there?

I was watching the French Open, which is the only thing I like that is French. It is sad that God gave them so many saints and pilgrimage sites and beautiful cathedrals and I can go on and on, and yet, I feel they are a sad society. You know what, there should be an -international - website where we can see the top selling books (fiction and nonfiction) from each of the countries that are members of the U.N.. That way we could see where the thinking of a nation is going. O.K. I guess I wouldn't want to find out that cartoons or moviestar magazines were the top of our country's list.

But watching top tennis being played and the rich tradition and high regards for its players is great to see. I compare it to reading a very good 600 page book (which takes just as long as the days for this tournament to occure).

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