Friday, March 7, 2008

Cold Mountain-movie-book

Have you ever seen a movie that you really like? I have found several, the last one was the
movie Cold Mountain (2003). I had seen the book years before but never tried to read it.
Somehow I saw a bit of it on t.v. and decided to see it all. I did find it to be very well done and Kidman was good in this one, but Renee Zellweger glowed in it. Once I fall for a movie I go to the library catalog and see if there is a book for this or in the titles at the end of the movie they will state if it was based on a book or just the words- written by- big clues!
The book was good but after reading it I realized that Minghella (the director) did even a better job in condensing it and giving the viewer the essence of the book without the long, long journey.
Then there are times I like a book, like Gone With the Wind and find that the movie only skimmed the top, there were so many smaller stories left out in the movie version, I was so
surprised that it won so many Oscars. I kept telling my mom, if you love the movie read the book! Mom is not a reader, and I feel sorry people like mom, who miss out on so much more to these stories.

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