Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A true book friend has died.

It is a sad day Anthony Minghella has died. He was only 54 yrs. old, young!
He is the director of such books as "The Talented Mr. Ripley" "The English Patient"
and "Cold Mountain". If you ever get to see those added information at the end of the
DVDs there is a good amount of information on all that the directors do to stay true to the
books they are in trusted to bring to film.
Mr. Minghella was an incredible director who soaked in as much matter surrounding
the story he was working on. Not just the book, but the time and customs of the era
when the story takes place. When possible he worked with the authors to stay as true
as possible to what the author meant.
I had been looking for my list of books of Alexander McCall Smith and his variety of topics.
And to find out he (Minghella) had just finished one of those good books really made me
even more sad. God bless his soul for all he did to make so many readers happy.

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