Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life is really going fast, can it be that as we get older, time starts to shrink?

I'm trying to ween myself from television, which isn't too hard since there are really few good programs. PBS is still the best around and here in Chicago we have 3 stations to pick from.

I take advantage to see those English productions of the Jane Austen's novels, which for some reason I find so long-winded to read. But on the opposite end of my reading skills I find Shakespearean plays fun and very witty if you just read them slowly enough. The BBC also does a great job with the Elizabeth George (American) mysteries. They are great police stories but easy to understand, I guess bad is the same everywhere.

They are also doing Kathy Reich's books on the forensic doctor, but to tell you the truth the
books are better, and more serious than the TV version.

I wonder if they (the TV people) will ever try to do the post-WWI detective stories by Charles Todd. Actually this is the first time that I heard that a mother and son were the writers in this very good and interesting series. Yes it is British but it still very good.

Now comes the American writer Daniel Silva, I could almost bet money on the fact that one of his books will turn up one of these days, as a quick moving movie. He has a great way of explaining some of the intricate issues with Israel, an easy read. I could go on and on.

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