Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who took our snow??

Life is changing too much. I now know what they meant by "climate change", we are going to have a week of 40 degrees or over! This is a city that we would not see real stone sidewalks until Easter time! So all we can do is thank God for not breaking my husband's back shoveling snow and for having nice dry floors without all the salt scratches on the wood.
Books those we still have control over. Good or bad we are the one who gets to choose if we read them or not. We can return them to the library or the person who lent it to us. If we had purchased them then we can close it, put it away and later pick it up again hoping that our interest has renewed.
I have discovered a good thing on TV, C-Span on the weekends!! It provides interviews with the authors and we get a good amount of information on what there books offers to readers.
But more important it is like reading (condensed of course) some books you may have never even intended to read, yet interesting enough that you get the 'true fest' of what the whole book is about. The program only does non-fiction books, which is great because I like fiction better and tend to buy very few non-fiction books (mostly biographies). I have seen books on WW ll (there are more and more each year) but some offer a different view point on a different topic, which added to the information I already have, leads to a better and more detailed picture of that topic, weather it is the Battle on Monte Casino, or the life of the German generals. So all in all I would suggest that if you can look up this channel if you can. It will save a lot of time to your hunt for material to read. The recent book that came into view is A SOLDIER'S DREAM: Capt. Travis Patriquin and The Awakening of Iraq by Wm. Doyle. It tells you in more detail our entry into that far off country and why, through the life of a very important person, a mid westerner, who brings it all home to a way of thinking differently our forces involvement and how we got there. So now we know something more substantial about the book and if you do or don't want to consider it. I won't buy it but I am grateful to know it is out there for us to have . Good readings all.

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