Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter is now officially here!

It is never nice to be waiting for the other shoe to fall! Snow is meant to be on the ground here in Chicago. So now if we hit another car we have some excuse! And it is the best weather to have besides rain to sit with your little blanket covering you to read!

I am reading (well one of 3) TOLSTOY AND THE PURPLE CHAIR-by Nina Sankovitch
It is a repeated idea. Some years ago there was the book JULIE AND JULIA CHILD; well something like that (I purchased the book since I have a copy of THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING) I loved J. Child but never in my 40 yrs. of marriage did I ever get to do ONE recipe!
I wonder if that is a record in some odd sense? Anyway the main character in that book starts a blog and aims at doing every single dish in that book within one year-364 days! And I wonder if she (the author-Nina in Tolstoy) is a true reader as she has been since young, that wouldn't that be like stuffing your mouth with food and trying to enjoy a beautiful dinner at the same time, I don't think it can be done. Because that is what Nina says she will do. I'm still reading and I do like the majority of the books she has picked and some of the comments of some of them. So we will see.

I'm also stuck now on a book I read more that 30 yrs. ago. CLAN OF THE CAVE-by Jean M Auel.
I started it in Sept. lost it for months and now I can't seem to get into it again. I do remembered that I loved it and promised myself to buy it and read it with more care, my 2 little ones where in kindergarten and 1st grade. The cave feels more confiding now, I guess!

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