Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 !!!!!!

Well here we are at a new year! I thought forever that I would not see my 21st, that's when I was 10 and wondered if the Russians would kill all of us during the 1960's cold war threats.
Then when I married and started to past my early twenties, my thoughts started to get more religious minded and thought maybe I would not see 33 (the age of Jesus Christ, when he was killed); but here I am over my fears of dying (it's around the corner anyway-I just don't know how long this block is!).
So for awhile I have decided to read in order to stop thinking of how long will I live. I also decided to have a resolution that I can actually keep! Blog of my reading more often than in the past 2 years since I started to do so. I would break my own record of Finally ! Keeping a promise made in the madness of the beginning of a year. Wow! Am I getting smarter, have all those books I read finally making my brain function better? Whatever the reason, I promise to you (if there are anyone out there even looking at this) if not it will help me move my fingers and so something at my computer than just delete spam-mail. So we have a date! Have a great year all! Health more than money and books more than movies.

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